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Egg washing, grading and packaging production line A.   Specifications1.Japanese high-tech egg grading machine2. Efficient washer & perfect drier3. Automatic detectors4. Flexible no of packing lanes B.   Basic direction for operation of egg graders1.For all kinds of our mechanical

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Egg washing, grading and packaging production line
A.   Specifications
1.Japanese high-tech egg grading machine
2. Efficient washer & perfect drier
3. Automatic detectors
4. Flexible no of packing lanes
B.   Basic direction for operation of egg graders
1.For all kinds of our mechanical egg grading machines the mechanism is almost the
Same. First the workers should put the eggs onto the conveying parts manually or by a vacuum egg lifter (optional).
2.Secondly the conveying parts will transport and align all the eggs before eggs arrived at the position where the mechanical scale will weigh each egg passing by.
3.Thirdly eggs of different weight will fall down onto different lanes of the egg
collecting board and eggs of the same weight will fall down onto the same lane thus egg grading is finished. Finally the workers should collect eggs from different lanes into different egg trays.
C.   Material
For all the egg grading machines we can use 304 stainless steel or carbon steel to produce them.
D.   Packaging
For packaging we use sealed wooden cases Usually we pack all parts of the machine as a whole into a sealed wooden case so as to prevent any unexpected damages due to inappropriate handling.
E.   Delivery
For delivery I think it won't take long because we usually have a stock of this kind of egg grading machines so we can deliver the goods in time.
F.    Main technical parameter and packing
1. It is suitable for egg cleaning in small batch
2. It can clean 60000eggs per day
3. Egg farms and poultry farms may need this kind of egg cleaning machine
4. If you raise a lot of chickens you may need this kind of egg cleaning machine
G. Main Part
1. vacuum egg lifter
 2. egg cleaning machine
3. egg drying machine
4. egg coding equipment
5. egg oil spraying equipment
6. UV sterilizing equipment
7. egg candling equipment
8. egg grading machine
H. Other models
modelcapacitymatrial N.W.G.W

I. Company introduction
Shanghai Junyu Industrial Group is a High-tech enterprise on the fermentation field, is the biggest and strongest comprehensive ability supplier for solvement of fermentation project. And she is also an industrial company with the manufacturing experience more than 30 years.
Shanghai Junyu Industrial Group adopts German advanced brewing technology and complies with domestic customers` requirements to design and manufacture micro beer brewing equipment. The production process is superior, easy operated and simple to learn and understand. The black beer, yellow beer, green beer, pure wheat beer and pure barley beer etc. These various pure taste beers produced by the equipment are deeply adored by customers. The micro-brewery equipment with production capacity 1000 to 5000 per year is especially a good choice for township enterprises, verge area enterprises, personal investment for setting up micro beer plant, draught beer plant and updating equipment in the beer plants. The products have been widely sold in China and exported to Europe, America, Africa, Asia etc. Which make us good reputation from our internal and external customers !
J. Advantages of us
Our engineer: free direct the installation and operation of the equipments and train operators for customer. 
Our machine: safe and reliable, efficient and energy saving, easy operating.
Our delivery: in time with English operating instruction program.
Our after-sale service: timely, professionally
K. Products professional certification

L. Pioneer and keep forging ahead with our clients
M. We always hold that in the most familiar field

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