The jury found Rittenhouse not guilty in the Kenosha shooting

2021-11-22 05:56:33 By : Ms. Alice Li

Kenosha, Wisconsin (AP)-Kyle Rittenhouse has been acquitted of all charges after he filed self-defense in the fatal shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The shooting has become a national issue of guns, vigilance and The fuse of the racially unfair debate. The jury made its verdict after nearly 3 1/2 days of deliberation. If the 18-year-old Rittenhouse is convicted of the most serious charges against him, he could be sentenced to life imprisonment. He was charged with homicide, attempted homicide, and reckless endangerment of safety because he killed two men and wounded a third of them with an AR-style semi-automatic rifle. The shooting took place in the turbulent summer of 2020, one night in protest against police violence against blacks. Rittenhouse was white, and the people he shot were also white. The jury seems to be overwhelmingly white.