Light up your world with these super extra neon lights!

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Nicholas Ho is one of Singapore’s most accomplished pianists and composers, and he is also the youngest.

Lights are the quintessential items you need in every room, and a good light design can transform a drab room into any atmosphere you fancy – cool, sexy, ambient, fantastical and more. Neon Led Light Sign

Light up your world with these super extra neon lights!

That explains the rise of popularity of lightings such as Philips Hue, which allows one to change the room lights to any of 16 million hues on the colour wheel! My entire house is fitted with Philips Hue, and after a good many "date nights", "game nights", "horror movie nights" and even intimate dinners over the course of the pandemic, I've finally acquiesced with my husband's choice in light bulbs.

But, we don't always need to empty our wallets for such choices. Turns out, as long as you're not looking for something super customisable, it's possible to design the lights in your room with good deals online!

This brings me to neon signs. You can get adorable designs online, it's easy to set up, and turns any wall instantly into a cafe/art wall. Best of all, (I didn't know until I start shopping for neon lights myself), neon lights can be pretty cheap! What's not to like about pretty lights you can hang up at affordable prices?

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Neon Lights Design Signage USB Powered, from S$19.90

LED Simple Neon Designs, from S$8.50

LED Gamepad Neon Sign, S$21.90

2-in-1 Moon and Cloud Neon Sign, S$23.60

38cm Heart Neon Sign, S$9

Levi Ackerman Attack On Titan 3D LED, S$26.99

3D Neon Lamp Naruto & Sasuke, S$29.99

Check out more neon lights here!

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Light up your world with these super extra neon lights!

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