Cloud Defensive Announces New REIN 3.0 Weaponlight -The Firearm Blog

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Cloud Defensive announces the new REIN 3.0, releasing at 1AM CST December 14th. 18650p Battery

Cloud Defensive Announces New REIN 3.0 Weaponlight -The Firearm Blog

Since their establishment nearly a decade ago, Cloud Defensive has evolved from an industry disruptor to one of the industry leaders in the tactical lighting space. Their OWL and REIN weaponlights, MCH handheld, and assortment of other products have come to be trusted by many shooters, including some top-level professionals. Their OWL was innovative in that it eschewed cabled tape-style switches in favor of an integral top-rail mount and button combination construction, similar to (and in fact, inspired by) the B.E. Meyers MAWL infrared laser/illuminator. The original REIN design evolved into a 2.0 version with an updated form factor, and now Cloud have announced a brand-new REIN 3.0 model. The updated variant will be available from 10AM CST on December 14th, boasting some key changes detailed in the official product description below.

The 2.0 model used 18650 or 18350 batteries only, but the new 3.0 adds “dual fuel” 18650/CR123 capability.

REIN 3.0 is by far, the most powerful and most configurable weapon light ever made. With an upgraded electrical system, it brings you more capability. Nothing comes close. Delivering the power you need, in a small package. Everything you want it to be.

Output Specs & New Features

The REIN 3.0 boasts some impressive specs on 18650 batteries, including 100,000 candela, 1250 lumens, and a 95-minute run time.Dual fuel is a feature that some users have been requesting for some time, and Cloud Defensive has answered. While CR123 batteries won’t produce the same performance as the 18650s, you may find usefulness in the flexibility and disposability of the CR123 option. What do you think, readers? Does this new 3.0 model sound like a buy? Do you have any experience with any of Cloud’s prior products? What did you think of them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! See you at the range.

Cloud Defensive Announces New REIN 3.0 Weaponlight -The Firearm Blog

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