Masked Bozeman School reaches record level of COVID cases

2021-11-12 09:25:59 By : Ms. Yoyo Cao

If masks are effective, why do they not work? This is a good question often asked by Dan Bongino in his national joint radio show. (h/t Dave in Kalispell)

Earlier this week, I asked our audience if any other Bozeman area media reported the story of an 8-year-old boy who was allegedly kicked off the school bus in Livingston, Montana and left on the side of the road.

As of Tuesday morning, I checked the TV and print media of Bozeman and Livingston (KBZK, Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Livingston Enterprise), but did not see any content on their websites. Someone told me on Wednesday morning that Livingston’s newspaper might finally have completed a story, even though it was broken for the first time last weekend.

A listener of our radio show told me that he didn’t see anything in "Funny" (Bozeman Daily Chronicle) about little boys staying on the side of the road due to these stupid mask policies, but he said they There is indeed this story: Bozeman School’s weekly COVID-19 cases reach the highest level since the beginning of the pandemic

The Bozeman School District reported the highest weekly COVID-19 incidence rate since the beginning of the pandemic last week, with elementary school case rates higher than junior high and high school cases.

Yes, this is the Bozeman school that has always mandated wearing masks... but hey-wearing masks works, right? Bozeman’s parents were so angry at their liberal school board’s request to wear masks and its efforts to promote a "fair" proposal for a critical racial theory style, so much so that the Bozeman school board began to hold meetings through Zoom , Because many parents will personally attend to express their opposition to what the board of directors is doing.